Monday, 18 May 2009

Queens (and Kings) of the May

Here we go then, brace yourselves, the winners are:

Britain's Got Talent - James the Hat, at Blackpitts.
Runner up - Emma T

Frank Scott - Manic Kate
Runner up - Kiss My Aster

All around the world - Yolanda at Bliss
Runners up - Ewa, Brixton Broad and Tara

Wilf Lunn - VP
Runner up - Arabella Sock

Irrelephant - Happy Mouffetard
Runners Up - Esther & Sock Wars

Cartier-Bresslaw - Zoe "Garden Hopper"
Runner up - Artists Garden

Simply the Best- Arabella Sock
Runners up - Silvertreedaze, Blackpitts & Simon's Allotment

Humphrey's thingy - Emma T
Runners up - Yolanda, Mark D, James the Hat

New Kid - Silvertreedaze
Runners up - Little Green Things, Going to the Dogs

Panel Beater - Nigel Colborn (Silvertreedaze)
Runners up - Matthew Wilson, Chester Hunt

New host for GQT - Sabrina Duncan International - who some sick bunny suggested was actually Joe Swift dragged up - shame on you. Very funny tho'.

There you go then - thanks again for taking part -hope you enjoyed it all.

Eighteen months ago I made a plea for more interesting garden blogs. It seems that someone heard my prayers. There really is some good stuff out there.

In years to come when these awards are celebrated by a champagne reception, we will look back and laugh at how crap the admin was in the first few years.


  1. Congratulations everybody, you are all fabulous.

  2. No, we will be looking back with nostalgia, like all the people at Chelsea saying "gosh wasn't it better when it was just Beth Chatto in her van"

  3. Ps I would just like to say two things.
    1) Alys Fowler is great
    2) THANK YOU to everyone who mentioned my blog in any of these contexts. I love blogging and your nominations made me feel warm inside.
    3) [I know] I felt gutted last year when I got nominated for nothing. I know how it feels not to see all your hard work get recognised. I'm sorry to anyone who feels like that this year, and I say, keep at it. We will all notice your brilliant work in the end. We are just a bit slow. xxx

  4. Wow! thank you for voting to make my blog the most irrelephant - temporary blog renaming to celebrate may be in order. We can sleep safe in our beds knowing that cats made it into the awards.

    Thank you, GM, for running the Awards 2009, and here's to 2010 (stopping off at Emsworth Village show on the way, hint, hint Emma...).

  5. Congratulations to all the winners - all the awards are incredibly well-deserved.

  6. Congratulations to all, delightful to be nominated with such illustrious company, it's a game of two halves, it's the taking part that counts *kicks imaginary dog*

  7. Blimey - I feel totally undeserving, but am too proud to say no thanks ;)

    Thank you and I love you all!

  8. Actually that should read proud and chuffed - sorry!

  9. James got talent? Well, he certainly kept that under his hat. ;-)

    Arabella Simply the Best, well she is 100 % cashmere you know and it shows!

    VP can I be chuffed about you winning your award too?

    Emma T: enjoy the warm fuzzies and you didn't get nominated last year? What a careless oversight, I'm glad it's been corrected now. ;-)

    Mouffe: so well deserved, how can we ever forget LAPwhatsit day? I know I can't and probably James can't either but for entirely different reasons. ;-)

    Zoe: congrats, although I must admit I'm green with envy. ;-)

    Manic Kate: well done, considering the tough competition you got!

    Nigel: 2 awards already and you're just the New Kid on the Blog!

    And, of course, a heart felt congrats to Sabrina Duncan International for winning her award. Well, it would be heart felt if I knew who or what the heck it was but hey, I'm a foreigner so sue me! Or should that be bite me? Whatever!

    BTW Emma T when is the next Emsworth village show held this year? Running and ducking!

    Congrats to everyone who got either nominated and/or won one of these very prestigious awards. It's not every one wins a Fork 'n Monkey award, I'll treasure mine forever! Pffffffft (blows hanky)

    And now I'd like to thank the members of the academy, well, no I don't but I do like to thank all those very discerning people who nominated and/or voted for me. You did well, thanks!

    It's good to know that I'm everybody's favourite bloody foreigner, because frankly they hate me at home. ;-)

  10. Gosh. . . aw. . . .shucks, um - ooh, how flattering, how embarrassing, how lovely! Thanks for the votes. It's great being called a 'kid,' by the way - especially when you're a sexagenarian.

    But also, big congrats to everyone else who dun well. There is indeed lots of great stuff out there.

    Thanks, too, to our Simian Horticultural Blogger. Such a relief that he/she only went into partial eclipse plumage.

  11. Well done all - well deserved and here's to next year - hurrah!

  12. I wuz robbed!

    And who is Wilf Lunn anyway? Any relation to Sally?